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Tobias Tobbell

Tobias Tobbell

Tobias is a British film-maker with a specific interest in smart genre films. Psychological horrors and thrillers, usually with a twist of satire or black comedy.


In 2010 he produced the festival hit ‘The Drummond Will’, a black comedy which won several Best Feature awards.   


Tobias' debut feature as director, ‘Confine’ - starring Daisy Lowe, Alfie Allen and Eliza Bennett - was released in 2013 in UK and North America, also garnering multiple festival awards.   


Alongside these two features, Tobias has two decades’ worth of industry experience, having shot over 300 online videos, sketches, how-tos and short films, many of which have played at film festivals worldwide. ​


Projects in development  - from early to polished drafts - are featured here. Most have downloadable scripts, synopsies and / or pitch decks.

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